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Mattia Compagnucci


Freelance designer and developer living in Berlin. Type lover and Fontlab teacher. Co-founder of Fattelo! and curator of Typeverywhere.

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Manuel Moreale


I'm a 27 years old designer and developer, currently living in a tiny and quiet place in Italy’s north east where I spend my time working on far too many side projects.

Hard disk

I mounted an SSD on my MackBook so I chose to use the original hard disk inside as an external, I'm keeping everything in both SSD, external HD and Dropbox. As you can understand I don't like the idea to miss my files.

Voting and ID card

2016 hasn't been the best year for democracies but even though my state as quite a few flaws I'm glad I can easily go out and vote without too much hassle.

Post it

I'm keeping track of everything using post-it. From to dos to ideas passing through grocery list. They are pinned on my macbook, on my desk, in some note book and wherever I can attach them.

Koya Bound

$ 95

I don't own that many physical books anymore and the few I still have are almost exclusively photographic books. One of them is this beauty. I'm so happy I backed this project because the books is awesome and the photos are stunning. It's a limited run but you can still get one if you're interested.


$ 5

I know, I'm not living in a sunny city, but I'm still have summer and sea in my blood so I'm carrying with me this sunglasses. I don't remember where I bought them but I'm still fascinated by their color and how they look low profile :)

Bottle and Coaster

A nice glass needs to have a nice bottle as a companion. I bought a bunch of these sets from Ikea.


As you may get reading about the Tote Bag, I'm a huge records lover, mainly hip hop and black music. This is a collection that moves between Ancona, my hometown, and Berlin.

Water Glasses

$ 15

I'm not a drinker, I only drink water or coffee but when I drink I like to drink in a nice glass. I always loved lightweight glasses and I was very happy when I found this set on amazon. They're relative inexpensive, 15€ for a set of 6, well made and they feel awesome.

Tote Bag

Tote bags are perfect for carry records from my hometown to Berlin or from the shop to the shelve. I have a bunch of them and this particular one was a gadget from the last [you can read the event on it].

Withings Body

$ 120

I like to keep things consistent that's why I bought this Withings scale to match my PulseOx.
I love to use just one app to collect all the informations about my health.

Glass Water Bottle

$ 15

I prefer glass over plastic, it last more, less waste and it doesn't melt under the super hot Berlin temperatures (?). This was my girlfriend's last birthday present. Amazon is the place for buy one.

Apple Magic Mouse

This is the old magic mouse. Not the new one with that awful charging mechanism where you need to put the mouse in yoga position in order to connect it to a damn cable. And I know this is gonna sound crazy Apple, but rechargeable batteries are a thing. I have a set of 4 AA batteries and every time the mouse run of energy I simply swap the 2 and I'm ready to go and while I use the mouse the 2 exhausted batteries have time to recharge.

Colorful Socks

I love colorful socks, with weird decoration or a plain strong color. They are the often unseen details of my clothing.

WD My Passport

$ 60

When I bought my new MacBook Pro I decided not to upgrade the ssd and go with these HDs. This is because by having less space on my ssd I'm forced to keep things well organized. I have 2 of these 1TB My Passport because one is for Time Machine backups and the other is for static storage of stuff like old projects, photos and other things.

Microfibre Boxer

Microfibre boxer, I usually don't use any other kind of textile. The color range is not so huge, from black to dark blue nothing lighter than this.

Nike Kobe Mentality 2

$ 110

Another basketball season has just begun and this year I'll wear these Nikes. I really don't like the current trend of making shoes with crazy colors but these are acceptable. Also are quite comfortable and very lightweight.

Pencil case

$ 3

I like Muji stationery, the simplicity and cleanliness of the elements. This pencil case is with me since years and it survived to high number of travels and dangers as you can see from the label. Take a look to Muji's website.

The North Face Bones

$ 20

Winter is coming so it's time to put my Nike cap to rest and put on this warm North Face beanie

Apple MacBook Pro

$ 1800

Last of the Apple trilogy. My main working station (yes, the same as the other column's guy) I change from the 17" to this one mainly because of the weight, having to carry it everyday everywhere my back was shouting on me. Yes you can google if you want to buy it, it's quite famous.


Autumn is here so it's time to pull out my beloved gray scarf. Had this one for almost 10 years and I still love it. I love the color, I love the feel, the length and the material. This was a gift from a classmate back in high school and is probably the only thing I kept from those years.

Apple Magic Mouse

$ 79

It's a mouse, a super sensitive mouse, maybe too sensitive sometimes. It's my alternative to trackpad and Wacom tablet. You know where you can find it.

MacBook Pro

$ 1700

This is my primary (and only) work machine. I use it for everything and is way better than my old 17" MacBook Pro. This is a new 13" retina and if you're a developer this is probably the best combination of power and size available. It's just a bit heavier than a 13" Air but way more powerful and with a better display. I also bought a gorgeous sleeve from Hard Graft for when I need to carry the Mac with me.

Apple Magic Keyboard

$ 99

I'm working mainly on my laptop and since I start to have a back pain I had to buy a stand and following a keyboard and a mouse.
I've always hated Apple wireless keyboard for the huge waste of batteries so I choose to invest in their new model. I have to say that works perfectly and in more than 6 months of use I had to recharge it only one time. It's light and fits perfectly in my backpack.
You can find it here.

O'Neill flip flops

$ 20

When it comes to flip flops I go with O'Neill. Last pair I had lasted probably 5 years. Bought these the last summer when I went to Ancona to meet the guy on the other side of this page.

Penny Board

$ 120

I've been always fascinated by skateboards but I never try to play with them. Last month I choose to give me a chance to try and risk an this small peace of coloured plastic. As you can suppose the first days were quite funny (and yes, risky as well) but after I managed to face the dumb situation on the street and keep on practicing. Now I can really enjoy this toy. Take a look here for all the colours.


$ 2

Even though I work in the digital world I love to sketch things on paper. I always have some white paper on my desk next to me and I use this black pen/marker to draw stuff. I like everything about this pen. Has a nice smell, nice width and weight and a nice feel on the tip while I'm using it.

Moon zafu

Since a year start to get into meditation. For a while I gave up but when I decide to get back to mindfulness I was lucky enough to find this Zafu in a shop close to my apartment. Since then my daily meditation is way more comfortable than before and my back is tankful for that.

Nike Elite Versatility Low

$ 14

I really hate to burn through socks at a crazy pace but I walk around in socks almost all day long since I spend most of my time at home. So I decided to give a try to these socks that are way more robust than regular one. Hopefully they'll last more than a few months.


I'm not really a fan of hat but this one caught me by its colour. The best way to survive to my hair when I'm without wax.

iPad Air 2

$ 560

The iPad is now my primary reading device. I stopped buying physical books since I got this one and I could be happier with the choice.

Juggling balls

These are something I'm bringing with me since I was living in Rome. My old good friend Michele taught me how to play with them and since then it help me to relax and focus remembering that with perseverance and practice you can master everything.

Nike Hat

$ 30

After the decision to start shaving my head a few summers back I started wearing a hat. Got this one as a present and is doing is job just fine.

Backpack Pinq Ponq

$ 140

This was the first investment when I shifted from 17" to 13" MacBook Pro. It's great for everyday adventures, it has all the pocket you need and it's perfect for carry work stuff and magazines. Another cool feature is that is made out of recycled PET and waterproof. It has become a second skin for me. You can find it on the Pinq Ponq website.

Uniqlo Boxer Briefs

$ 5

I guess everyone needs underwear. I have a bunch of these boxers by Uniqlo. Nothing too fancy

Alessi "Out Time" watch

$ 140

I lived without a watch for a long time. One day I stumble upon this watch while I was visiting HOMI Milan and I felt in love, the minimal design and almost nothing more than the needles was fascinating me. It was my self gift for christmas 2014 for wish an amazing 2015. I know I should replace the wristband but I'm kind of lazy for that. You can find it on Alessi's shop.


$ 10

My daily meditation session is roughly 20 minutes long but I really don't like to have a regular timer because I find it distracting. That's why I bought this Mala. I count one bead for every breath and I know that when I'm done counting I have meditated for a bit more than 20 minutes.

Letter opener

This small letter opener is a memory of one of my trip to Amsterdam. I've been attracted by its shape and colour while I was browsing a small design shop. Now stands on my desk enjoying the Berlin "sun".

The North Face Surge

$ 200

My current backpack. Got this one as a present for my bday a couple of years ago and I really like it. It has a couple of nice features including a battery to charge your phone or tablet. I'll probably change it with a North Face Base Camp at some point but for now the Surge is the backpack I carry with me.

Flip Flops

$ 24

Summer summer summer! Born and grow up on the seaside, this is what I usually wear from May to September (before move to Berlin). This pair last since four years and I'm impressed from Havaianas quality. You can find them on their online shop.

Nike Dry

$ 50

When the summer comes I switch from my grey sweatpants to these more comfortable shorts. These are great because are incredibly lightweight and since are plain black are casual enough to be worn when I'm out for a meal or a movie. You can still find them on the Nike store

Sony MDR-XB950BT

$ 130

Music, still music. I bought these headphones because I was pissed off with cables. It took me several trie to chose the right bluetooth headphones and they are the chosen one. Well designed and super comfortable with a great sound. You can find them on Amazon.

Nike SB Everett Crew

$ 80

Another piece of my uniform. When is not too hot outside I wear a black sweatshirt. I have 3 of these and they have everything I look for in a sweatshirt: are all black, have a pocket and are comfortable.

NI Maschine Mikro MK2

$ 333

Music take a good part of my life. For a long time I was dedicated to music production with a small home recording studio. Since I moved away from my hometown I sold my Akai MPC2000XL and stop to make music. Two months ago I bought this production system from Native Instruments with the hope to start again. It is everything I was looking for, portable light and fully configurable. You can find it on Thomann, my favourite online shop for music related items.

Blackfox BF 115

A knife is a handy tool to carry with you when you're out hiking. Got this one as a present for my bday.


I'm almost blind so this is an essential part of my daily outfit. I was used to wear lenses but it seems I abused a bit so I had to take confidence with glasses. At the very beginning was hard but now I feel them as part of me.

AKG K545

$ 149

I listen to a lot of music while I'm working and so last year I decided to spend some money on a good pair of headphones. These AKG are really comfortable and sounds great. You can still find them on Amazon


Summer is my favourite season, thats why I'm full of shorts of different colors, their side of the wardrobe looks like a rainbow. I have ten of them but I'm planning to cut down to five.


$ 40

My handmade zafu in combination with the matching zabuton is an indispensable tool for my daily meditation routine. Bought it 2 years ago and used it almost daily ever since.


Travel is important par of my life. I'm travelling for both work and fun and even if I'm usually move inside the EU area I started to prefer this one over the ID card due to the quite weak ID card's paper.
Actually I have only one stamp, but I'm sure I'll fill it up soon.

Nike SB Everett

$ 66

Another piece of my uniform. I always wear gray sweatpants (except when is too hot) mainly because they're comfortable. I currently own 3 pairs of these and I couldn't be happier.


In memory of the first playground I had in Berlin. This ball was a present by one of my first flatmate here, he was leaving for Medellín and getting rid of everything.

Bellroy Card Sleeve

$ 55

I rarely bring cash with me and I have just a few cards I need to carry daily so this tiny wallet is a great solution. You can get one from the Bellroy site.

Under Armor Curry 2

$ 130

After four years I start back to play basketball officially and I was in need of new shoes. Despite the ugly camo version, I found in these shoes the best solution. They are super light and wear the feet like gloves. Actually you can find them only at Footlocker.

White T-shirt

$ 10

Part 1 of my daily uniform. I always wear plain white t-shirts. I currently own 5 of these, made by Uniqlo. They're light, completely white and as you can see I don't iron them.

Tooth care kit

I always challenge myself with new habits and in the last months, beside German lessons, use floss every day is my challenge. And it seems I'm sticking well with it.

Withings Pulse Ox

$ 100

I started using the Pulse roughly 6 months ago and I'm really loving it. I carry it with my everywhere, usually in my pocket and to see the number of steps growing during the day is nice feeling. I'm hitting 10k steps on a daily basis now and I feel great. You should consider getting one.


$ 8

Naturally I need something together with the notepad, this is my favourite pencil that leaves its mark on every piece of paper I have around.
You can find it on Amazon.


Since I can remember this tiny pebble has been with me, sitting quietly in my room. I really like it and it gives me a strange sense of peace and calm every time I pick it up or look at it.


$ 7

I never leave home without a notepad.
Every time I have an idea, a letterform or whatever I have to sketch it. I have a really volatile memory.
If you like this particular notepad you can find it here.

Nike Free 5.0

$ 60

Every 2 years I buy 2 identical pairs of Nike Free 5.0. They're very comfortable and lightweight and come in an all black version that I personally love. Sadly are no longer available on the Nike Store but you can still find them on Amazon.